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    Introducing: New At Home Diet Including Weekly Coaching and Support!

    You receive your foods automatically every 2 weeks and receive weekly coaching provided by our well trained behavioral health educators - you call in once a week during class time and for mid week coaching.

    Flexible Program With Expert Support

    HMR at Home® provides you with the coaching and support you need to successfully lose weight – all when it’s most convenient for you. The state-of-the art program includes:

    • The Healthy Solutions Quick Start Diet®: a nutritious and structured meal replacement plan that’s easy to follow. The meal replacements are delivered to your home. You simply add your own fruits and vegetables.
    • Weekly coaching and support: provided by our caring weight loss specialists – you call in during your class time and receive midweek coaching by email. We help you learn healthier lifestyle routines you can stick with.

    Measurable Success
    HMR’s research-based program achieves unparalleled results. HMR publishes results in medical and professional journals, including a published average weight loss of 23.4 pounds over 12 weeks for the Healthy Solutions Quick Start Diet®. PAMF’s HMR® program is considered a “Gold Standard” program, winning awards from the national Health Management Resources® parent organization every year for the results we achieve with our patients.

    About HMR®
    The HMR® program provides intensive lifestyle education, personal attention and follow-up by a professional staff of registered dietitians and health educators, and an emphasis on long-term weight and health management.

    * Refunds for food are not accepted

    Call for more information and to sign up! (650) 404-8260

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