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    HMR® 70 Plus (Lactose-Free) Shakes

    Make a Shake or a Pudding- Only 110 Calories

    Make diet shakes plus creamy diet puddings with versatile, lactose-free HMR 70 Plus. Whether you're lactose intolerant or not, you'll love the taste, endless variety, and healthy weight-loss results. Each box contains 18 servings plus multivitamin/mineral tablets.

    HMR 70 Plus Vanilla
    110 calories    14g protein    300mg calcium    0g fat    0g trans fat    13g carbohydrate    220mg sodium

    HMR 70 Plus Chocolate
    110 calories    14g protein    280mg calcium    0.5g fat     0g trans fat     13g carbohydrate     260mg sodium

    $47.00 per box

    (Complete ingredient list)      
    HMR 70 Shake

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